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Feels like it has been ages.

That’s probably because it has. I’m overworked and underpaid. The usual crap. No time for thinking/blogging. Just enough time to be a robot and follow the protocols of society. My to do list is getting longer and longer and literally as soon as I strike off one task, 5 more fall in its place. Having shitty luck at the moment. I guess it’s those Winter Blues hitting me in full throttle. I hear they take no prisoners! I’m grabbing them by the balls though. They can’t stop me!!!! (omg why the hell has it got soooo cold all of a sudden?)

I plan to join a gym real soon to get ready for my escapades in Trinidad. Not sure which gym though! Or even where I’m find time to get my 6pac on. *sigh* It needs to happen though. Gotta represent if I’ma venture all the way to le Caribbean to engage in CARN-I-VAL!!! SO EXCITED!!!

Ranting over.

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